Part 2 of 2: Executive Jacket for B&N nook touch (M-Edge)

Part 2 of 2: Executive Jacket for B&N nook touch (M-Edge)

After getting the newer “touch” eLuminator booklight from M-Edge into the Executive Jacket, I was satisfied with the anticipated output and could complete my assessment of the case.

Newer eLuminator Touch book light inside Executive Jacket for nook touch

In Part 1, I used my older eLuminator and found that its girth prevented the case from closing squarely. As with upgrades for hardware of the computing kind, some older accessories are not meant to be used with newer units. This is the case (pardon the pun) with the Executive Jacket for the nook touch and the eLuminator touch. The newer combination closed cleanly and squarely.

Executive Jacket for nook touch with newer eLuminator Touch booklight

As I have come to expect, the Executive Jacket is well stitched and constructed. The jacket is available in two microfiber leather colors; the purple on the outside is distinctive and attractive. The slate-colored interior is supple but some may not think it is a complementary shade for the outside.

My concern is that the form-fitting cradle often takes multiple tries before all four corners are securely holding the ereader. If you review the video from Part 1 of this review, starting at approximately time position 0:02:20, you see how the nook is to snap into place. I show just the completed attempt. The cradle is sturdy enough, which is good because it takes a bit of deliberate and gentle pressure to work around to snap the nook in place. There were a couple of times I almost lost the nook to gravity because one corner was not truly secure before I picked up the setup. In the week+ that I have been living and traveling with the Executive Jacket, the practice of inserting and removing the reader from the Jacket was valuable for getting a measure of the care required to ensure a secure fit. Read the directions!

The weight of the Jacket plus the nook is not unpleasant, considering how svelte the nook touch is by itself. There will be a separate review/demonstration of the eLuminator touch but I am happy that the booklight really “completes” this setup. I can’t imagine traveling with the nook touch in the Executive Jacket without the light now.

The Jacket-based power button eliminates the need to remove the ereader from the case to access the power button on the back of the nook touch.

I think that the Executive Jacket for the nook touch is worthy of a 9 out of 10 points.