Soon to be reviewed: Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone, etc. (

Soon to be reviewed: Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone, etc. (

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Another product review opportunity resulting from vendor visits at CES 2012. From Sun Chi Textile Co., Ltd., are gloves that allow you to keep your fingers warm but still able to tap and text to your heart’s content. From their website.

Fashion touch glove for iphone:

  1. Warm and comfortable
  2. OEM Welcome

Fashion touch glove for iPhone, Droid, Evo, iPad and othe smartphone.

Texting Gloves
When the weather turns cold, you need a good pair of gloves that will keep you warm. When it’s cold outside, who wants to bother with pulling your gloves off every time you get a phone call.

  • These gloves are lightweight, soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves.
  • Made in China, these knitted gloves have high quality workmanship.
  • Contents:60% Polyester, 36% Nylon, 3% Spandex, 1% Acrylic

I hope my colleague and fellow mobile technophile, Alice Swift, will help me with the review for a unique perspective.

Gloves are still particularly useful this very cold season…