Review: Tabletpillow Hitech 2 (from Bosign Stockholm)

Review: Tabletpillow Hitech 2 (from Bosign Stockholm)

I actually encountered a version of this product at the 2012 CES. So, when I attended the 2013 CES, I stopped by the Bosign Stockholm display to say hello to Harald Hynell, the Tabletpillow’s co-designer. This time around, the product was available for review.

From Bosign Stockholm’s site:

Surf comfortably on your iPad or tablet PC with Bosign’s Tabletpillow. Whether you sit, lie or stand, Tabletpillow’s well-thought-out design and function makes your surfing easier and more fun.

Tabletpillow Hitech 2, with two extra inner pockets serve as a protective sleeve for your tablet/iPad and provide ideal storage for memory sticks, chargers, pens and notes. Size of inner pocket: H 242 x W 186 x D 9,5 mm (9,5×7,32×0,38 inches).

It fits all iPad models from iPad 1-3.

Tabletpillow’s shapeable pillow works on all surfaces, hard and soft. You can adjust Tabletpillow so that it always has the best possible angle, no matter what position you are in. If you want to use both hands for typing, Tabletpillow keeps your iPad or tablet PC in the right position without you having to hold it. If you watch a movie, you can put your hands behind your head and just enjoy; the tablet stays in a perfect watching angle on your lap.

Tabletpillow can hold the tablet in either a horizontal or vertical position. Your iPad rests securely in the pillow pocket and the silicone pattern on both sides of the pillow makes it stay in place on smooth, soft and rough surfaces.
The cover is durable, water-repellent and of course easy to wash (hand wash cold).

Tabletpillow 2: Front Package
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Front of package
Tabletpillow 2: Back of package
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Back of package

Despite what the back of the packaging indicates, I’m fairly sure that I got the Hitech model.

The Tabletpillow Hitech 2 has a simple but effective design for leisurely use of your tablet (tested with iPad 3 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1). You can use each side of the pillow for a particular display orientation. The version I tested has two pockets for storing your device and/or some accessories. The other model comes equipped with one pocket and features a more plant-like design in the non-slip black silicone.

The color is a surprisingly pleasant lime green and black (also available in turquoise/black, black/black, dark chocolate/black as well as wine red/black). The black part of the color is the anti-slip silicone in a digital design.

Tabletpillow 2: Viewing position/angle
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Viewing position/angle

What it calls the “pillow pocket” is a small lip or flap of the cover that cradles the tablet when in position. Except for the most fidgety movements, the tablet stayed in position in the pillow pocket while I used the Tabletpillow.

Tabletpillow 2: Viewing position/angle, with device
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Viewing position/angle, with device
Tabletpillow 2: Typing position/angle
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Typing position/angle
Tabletpillow 2: Typing position/angle, with device
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Typing position/angle, with device
Tabletpillow 2: Device in pocket
Tabletpillow Hitech 2: Device in pocket

The removable inner container with the beads contained the right amount of “stuffing” to truly stabilize the unit while on my lap in either position. Compared to another product that I had previewed at an earlier CES, this is a product that did exactly what it was advertised to do. One other significant benefit of the Bosign product is that the cover is hand-washable.

Video showing me putting the Tabletpillow Hitech 2 through its paces:

My thoughts:

  • The Tabletpillow HiTech 2 is a leisure-time tablet holder that is worthy of your consideration.
  • The placement of a device is in the “typing” or the “viewing” positions is straightforward. A simple solution to using your advanced portable technology.
  • Having the pockets merely adds even more versatility and value to an already elegantly functional product.
  • A tech-related product that did not require any assistance or consultation to make sure it was being used or configured properly: it’s a good thing.

While a number of Bosign products are sold at The Container Store, I could not find this sold domestically in the U.S. yet. You can order directly from Bosign’s site; read the particulars carefully. The Tabletpillow sells for 23.96 euros (this is without the VAT) plus shipping. Even with the extra cost of international shipping outside of the Eurozone, the Tabletpillow Hitech 2 is a way better value that the so-called competition.

So, 10 out of 10. I’m not really this generous: this product earned this score.