M-Edge Touch Booklight

M-Edge Touch Booklight

My, how time has flown! Back in the day, one of the first M-Edge products to which I gave the video treatment was their earlier Booklight for the Platform Jacket (for the original B&N Nook):

I was more chatty on video then (originally uploaded March of 2010). I was (and remain) thrilled with the performance of this earlier model, which is still in use with the original Nook and the aforementioned Platform Jacket. When I acquired the Executive Jacket for the Nook Touch, I found that this older light didn’t quite fit with the newer jacket.

Executive Jacket for the nook touch with the original e-Luminator
Executive Jacket for the nook touch with the original e-Luminator

The newer Touch Booklight fits both the older Platform Jacket as well as the newer Executive Jacket for newer devices and retains the efficient use of the AAA battery (unlike other makes that use hearing aid batteries, etc.).

Executive Jacket for nook touch with newer eLuminator Touch booklight

The new feature is the touch: there is no switch (comparatively, the older model was slight more difficult to set up with one hand because a firm grip was necessary to be able to change the switch positions). You lightly touch the power setting, to cycle through the three light levels and the “off” position. These light levels are not puny; I doubt I ever again rely on the overhead light on a flight, thanks to the output of the Touch Booklight. It also beats the dim dome light we get for reading maps and other crucial documents in a car at night.

Additionally, the newer Touch Booklight fully rotates (180 degrees) without you having to remove the light from its holder position in the Jacket. With the earlier model, I have to slide the light unit out slightly so that I could swing the entire light head from the storage position to the above-the-top-of-the-reader position.

Because the support arm is like a large paper clip, the newer Touch Booklight can be used away from M-Edge’s specific cases and jackets. You can slip this light on pages of your current magazine or “real” books. So that you don’t wear down the battery, the sleep timer feature can turn off the unit after an hour of inactivity.

M-Edge Touch Booklight clipped...
M-Edge Touch Booklight clipped to March 2012 issue of Consumer Reports

There are fewer things that I have used that were as straightforward and easy to setup and use. Versatile! 20+ hours on a standard AAA battery will cover most traveling needs.

Score: 10 out of 10!