Judging my keyboard by its new cover

Judging my keyboard by its new cover

I think the newest non-new item I encountered at CES 2012 was this keyboard cover for my Apple wireless keyboard. Since I acquired the Incase Origami Workstation case for the keyboard, it was obvious that any overlay had to be very slim.

As I am a decent touch typist, it isn’t always necessary to see the labels on most keyboards’ keys. There is a lack of contrast that often makes it difficult for me to read the keys on these slim Apple keyboards.

The KB Cover for Large Type is available for various formats, including the larger wired Apple keyboards. It was most fortuitous that KB Covers had a booth at CES and could sell the keyboard covers on the floor and still had what I wanted on hand.

The cover is pleasant to type on and without my reading glasses, I am comfortable typing on my iPad and still being able to see all of the keys’ labels clearly. Even the icons for the additional functions on the functions keys are enhanced for easy deciphering.