Technotraveler.com began its life as nookcubby.com, a blog focused on the then-new Barnes & Noble e-ink-based e-reader, released in the Fall of 2009. After a couple of years, I found that my interests had really broadened to various technologies that happened to be portable. My companion tech blog, rexonline.us, started to become more active as my interests broadened.

At CES 2012 and while visiting with nookcubby.com friend, Devon Mish of M-Edge, I officially announced my plans to transition nookcubby into what is now this entity. The purpose of technotraveler is to cover the specific use of technology for that is not stuck in a rack or necessarily fixed in one location for use. This vague notion covers truly mobile technology, such as GPS and battery-powered wireless speakers, as well as devices that support presentations, productivity and even entertainment without being specifically and fully wired/tethered to a computer and/or projector.

In the Fall of 2012, I made the decision to expand the possibilities of the enterprise to include three more people who are also interested in useful mobile technology as true end-users. Steve Anderson & Timothy Barnett-Queen both come from academia as professors of Social Work at New Mexico State University. Alice Swift is an instructional designer and part-time faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. All enjoy using their technology on the go and want to share their curiosity, excitement and energy with the readers of and visitors to Technotraveler.com.

Technotraveler.com does not currently seek paid advertising, but relies on self-purchased items and this from vendors, such as those who participate in events like the Consumer Electronics Show, to provide discounts or even review samples for the purposes of testing. We are, therefore, most grateful, to these vendors who have worked with me and now my expanded team to provide us with the products you are see in the posts here on Technotraveler.com